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comfort, quality & tranquility

Whatever you want from your time on The Lizard there almost certainly accommodation to match.  Casinos and corporate hotels are not really our thing, but five star service, accommodation and cooking are on the menu.  Imagine waking up in your luxuriously appointed cottage on the banks of the Helford River; let the kids have their first swim of the day in the pool while you have some toast and coffee on the terrace.  How about one of the guesthouses on the Peninsula; a warm welcome is par for the course and if you fancy a challenge you can order the home-cooked Full Cornish Breakfast.  If you feel like really communing with one of the greenest environments in the UK then take your pick of campsites, many offering sea views and all offering facilities  that are second to none.  

Wherever you stay on The Lizard some things stay the same; when you throw open the window you’ll be met with nothing other than fresh clean air, peace and quiet and clear bright light.

Kerrier District Council